The winners think different …

There are many books, magazines, and social networks that move millions and sell very well over the winners, we all wonder why they are different, what they think and why they think it. They constantly focus on moving forward, doing things, acting and improving. Whether in the pool, on the football field, in their daily work, they strive to be the best they can be, or to get what they set out to do. They are not afraid of hard work. In fact, they love it, they crave it, they absorb it and they become better with it.

I believe fervently that the winners are made and not born. Each of us has qualities and abilities to win; we just have to prepare the perfect mix at the right time to reach the goal, which is to win.

From my experience working with many types of people in several countries, I can focus on five important attributes that define a winner. These attributes will be developed over the days in this Blog, in Swimlab.

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