SwimLab is born of evidences obtained in the science of training. Its philosophy is based on the consistency and motivation that only training groups can offer, which constantly exchange information and experiences of other athletes. It is the way to live a Training Camp practically all the year.

SwimLab is accessible to everyone. From the smallest, with great ambitions, to the largest with small ambitions.

Every athlete, whatever level they have, has a goal, and through the training systems of SwimLab we help you achieve them.

SwimLab offers you a trial period, which allows you to know the training methodology and the opportunity to be part of a large family that has common goals like yours …

As well as the opportunity to access a Coach available at 100%.



The efficient locomotion of any body in a viscous fluid is something very simple: to go faster it is necessary to reduce resistance and / or increase propulsion. However when we talk about swimming,, things seem to change because all the instructions on “swimming techniques” are aimed al reducing drag, but say nothing about increasing …


The services adapted according to the athlete’s need.


We at SwimLab welcome you.

Our proposal is to make an experience adapted to your measure, level and need, either in support groups and training as well as in a way that you can make your trip individually. Your intention and motivation is the limit to reach your goals. Prepare for the best and have fun doing it.

Contact us for more information and be part of our community.